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8 Live commerce trends changing the online shopping landscape

Live commerce is the ultimate crossroads of retail sales and social media, where brands can combine the personal shopping experience of in-store browsing with the consumer convenience of being wherever they can get an internet connection. Flat item images turn into real live expert product demonstrations. Guesswork turns into a confident shopping and buying experience.

But for many brands, it still hasn’t made it into their marketing plans. While data shows that live commerce has already taken off — and is only expected to grow in the coming years — it’s still an emerging trend in some regions. Our Live Commerce Trends Guide will help you understand both where it is now, and what’s coming next.

Readers will better understand:

  • The stats that show live commerce will be a massive force in the U.S. retail market and may completely reshape how people shop within the next five years

  • That many major U.S. brands are already getting ahead of the curve on live commerce and creating incredible experiences for their customers

  • How integrating Voice of Customer (VoC) data into live commerce takes the customer experience you deliver to the next level

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Source: Emplifi

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