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Millennials and Gen Z are facing poor mental health and stress. How are you addressing this when developing your millennial engagement strategy?


Patients would like to use technology to meet and consult with healthcare providers and manage their healthcare needs. How are you integrating this into your healthcare service delivery strategy?

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CX Live Intelligence Report 2022 

November 2021 

Most organisations in the Middle East, both in the private and public sectors, have incorporated some form of AI, automation or chatbots into their customer engagement strategy and systems, and are experimenting with more advanced solutions. What solutions are companies investing in 2022?

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Automation and BPM Trends Report 

November 2021 

RPA systems represent an incredible tool for rapidly revitalizing companies that handle massive data transactions, even input from human interaction. Using the right approach where viable repeatable tasks are redesigned in a much more strategic, structured and holistic manner, BPM lays the groundwork for RPA. Moreover, an intelligent BPM workflow setup can bring an organisation to a higher level of automated efficiency than it ever thought possible by understanding and triggering opportunities for RPA bots to automate processes that it has optimised.

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Intelligent Automation and Data

November 2021 

We are all familiar with AI and IA as valuable technologies to create seamless processes and enhance efficiencies. In order to achieve maximum ROI from a AI or IA implementation, leveraging data effectively to harness technology's incredible computational asset makes a powerful and enticing prospect. Also, data enhances an organization’s process efficiency. By improving analytics capabilities it carves the path to adopting advanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) models in the future.

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Brand Management and CX 

October 2021 


We are all trying to get a share of the consumer's wallet. Do you often wonder why customers are purchasing a specific brand repeatedly, why do they believe only that particular product fulfils their need?

It all starts with brand awareness.  Brand awareness is a necessary process that influences customer buying behaviour through the subconscious level. It is very likely, if consumers haven't heard of your brand's existence, they will not consider buying from you.

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B2B CX - Establishing Centers of Excellence

August 2021 

B2B CX is generally underwhelming, underserved and very generic. To succeed, organisations must position themselves as simple, genuine, and focus on the experience.


It's important for organisations to understand their customers and their employees and empathize with them. That's the key to establishing connections and getting a deeper understanding of their needs.

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CX in the Middle East BFSI Sector

July 2021 

The BFSI sector in the Middle East is evolving quickly with CX and DX alignment having kicked-in with real magnitude in 2020.


However, a lot of banks now need to finalise their long-term DX and CX strategy.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and

Intelligent Automation (IA) are

Transforming Customer Experience

July 2021 


We are all familiar with AI and IA as valuable technologies to create seamless processes and enhance efficiencies. Based on a strong data foundation, where AI and IA solutions are integrated and adequately utilized, it is possible to create seamless “micro-moments” that enhance CX.

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Driving Customer Centricity - Trends and Analysis 2021

10 June 2021 

Customer centricity is more important now than ever before. This is why brands are evaluating their VoC and customer journey maps to deliver superior customer service.

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CX State of the Market Report 2021

1 April 2021 

Why investments in CX transformation are a necessity for businesses?

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Future of Healthcare Post Pandemic 2021

February 2021

What defines a patient experience? What are patients looking for?


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Pulse of the Youth, Technology Trends Report 2020

December 2020

Gen Z and millennials are embracing multi-channel engagement and sustainability is high on their agenda.



Beyond the Pandemic, Future of Work Report 

February 2021

What will the post-pandemic work look like?

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Global Youth Survey 2020

November 2020 

How are millennials and gen z realigning to confront the brave new world in 2021?


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