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Experience is at a cusp of a complete renaissance and is seen as the lever that will allow organisations to leverage customer-centricity to deliver growth.
Customer Experience Live is a digital powerhouse that enables organisations in the EMEA region to benchmark and orchestrate game-changing innovations.

We do this through:

You are in good company, our experience comes from

Join us to leverage a strong network of senior decision makers

Leaders Connects

Top end boardrooms

Customer Experience Live enables top technology companies to win business through closed-door executive boardrooms.


If you want to leverage our connections and understanding of market pulse to strengthen your sales funnel contact us today.

CX Live

Live Shows

Premier events rated the best by the industry


Customer Experience Live Leaders Connect and Live Shows provide:

  • Well-researched agenda

  • Capped audience

  • Great opportunity to benchmark with industry counterparts

  • Take back key learnings for corporate strategy rethink

CX Live

Attendee feedback

Great Conversations


Great conversations and discussions around humanizing the experience, the role of Quantum computing AI in futuristic CX, CX and UX Hygiene, compliance and data security, BPM and IA, what do you do when it all goes south.

Senior Executive, National Bank of Kuwait

Woman Smiling in Suit

Amazing Panel Speakers


Such an amazing connect and discussion  everyone!

Senior Executive, Sohar International

Online Course

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