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Top 5 Tips to Humanizing Technology for Incredible Customer Experiences

Our webinar Humanizing Technology to Drive the Future of Retail touched on many crucial points and featured #ecommerce and CX experts Bernadette Ziadeh, Group Customer Care Director at Chalhoub Group along with #CX experts Sam Hanna, CRO at RAYA CX, Rami Sweis, CEO at Gulf CX, and tech expert Adam Rathbone, Consultant EMEA at LivePerson.

We’ve rounded the top 5 tips to humanizing technology from our webinar to help you spark that change find the balance towards delightful customer experiences.

1- Employ Chatbots (only if they’re human)

It might sound contradictory but it’s not! Chatbots are a must if you want to be able to ease the volume of requests your support team needs to attend as chatbots answer simple repetitive inquiries while they focus on more complex ones.

However, your chatbot needs to feel human through conversational language, well-timed pauses and most importantly giving it a name that reflects your brand identity like what we did with Ray. As Rami Sweis shared that the RAYA CX chatbot not only contributed to 22% of leads but also 92% of users found him helpful!

It is also what Burberry managed to do with Lola, her name was inspired by their popular bag, and she saw CSAT scores go up and sales increase by 140%.

2- Be Brave (find your brand’s inner superhero)

Being brave can be the hardest thing to do for a brand. As Adam Rathbone put it your brand has to be brave if it wants to transform. It must take a chance on new technology to stay ahead and meet your customer’s ever-changing expectations while hiring the right people to see it through. It’s about taking the decision to invest in the right tools and creating the right plan to cascade it across the whole company seamlessly.

3- Find the Balance (it’s not all tech or human)

Transitioning from a traditional contact center to a digital one can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the balance between utilizing the right tech tools while capitalizing on your human talent is key. Training and investing in your teams will help you stay on top of any technology trends and employment. Sam Hanna touched on the idea that tech will never replace humans and humans need to utilize tech to scale interactions and get ahead.

4- Never Underestimate Your Customers (they’re the trendsetters)

Your customers will be the ones setting the trends and you must meet them where they are. It’s crucial to be available, responsive, and agile. Your brand needs to offer multi-channels as well as more convenient ways to shop based on your consumers’ needs. Being customer-centric means building the retail and e-commerce journey around their habits, behaviors, and feedback. This brings us to data and the importance of analyzing it to map your customer’s journey and personalize it to meet their expectations.

5- Empower Your People (to be decision makers)

You are only as strong as your team. Your support representatives are an extension of your brand and speak directly to your customers 24/7. Bernadette Ziadeh shared that they don’t call customer care members agents but rather consultants because they are the experts when it comes to the brand, and they are empowered to make decisions on the spot to help consumers significantly and create memorable experiences. They utilize the best technology but are also trained with skills like empathy and active listening to maintain a strong human connection with their customers.

These were the top 5 tips that we found most important in our webinar Humanizing Technology to Drive the Future of Retail! However, there are tons of other tips, data, and fresh ideas.

Watch the whole webinar video here and share any other useful tips and insights you can find.


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