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How ServiceFirst solves the challenge of a multi-platform, fragmented, and consumer-centric market

Our customer today is faced with many points of contact with a brand. This has made it increasingly challenging for businesses to have that “one size fits all” approach. Consumers and their triggers are as varied as the many platforms they can use. This can be challenging for most brands as consumers need more tailor-fit experiences.

With ServiceFirst’s industry-leading Omnichannel Solution, this challenge is easily addressed. Utilizing technology and agents, we provide our clients with a truly integrated, multi-platform engagement customer experience. This empowers the businesses we work with to:

  • Captivate customers and surpass their expectations. The modern customer expects to receive personalized and seamless service across all channels and touchpoints. In fact, a fully integrated customer experience can help brands deliver a consistent and relevant service that meets the needs and preferences of customers. This creates positive emotions and memories that rub off on the brand experience. In a study by Harvard Business Review, personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lift revenues by 5-15%, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%.

  • Achieve consumer loyalty and advocacy. When customers have a great experience with a business, they are likelier to stay loyal and recommend the business to other customers. With a truly integrated customer experience, businesses build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. They do that by providing value and satisfaction and showing appreciation and recognition. According to McKinsey, 70% of the customer’s journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Brands can easily drive loyalty by showing customers that the company values them by providing excellent customer service experience.

  • Secure the competitive advantage and much-needed differentiation. There are more choices now that are available to customers. They have more options and information than ever before. Should they be dissatisfied with an experience, they can readily jump to a competitor. A study by NewVoiceMedia found that US companies lose $62 billion per year due to poor customer service. A brand providing a truly integrated customer experience can help it stand out from the crowd. This can attract new customers, by providing a new and distinct service that showcases the brand’s identity and values.

See how ServiceFirst delivers a truly integrated customer experience with its Blended Omnichannel Platform:

Contact ServiceFirst to see how their high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective outsourcing solutions will empower your businesses with a truly integrated customer experience and more. Email them at for a free proposal.

Source: ServiceFirst


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