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2024 Customer Experience Management Systems Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

Does your CX platform have what it takes to drive results for your brand? Our experts weigh in on what’s in and what’s out for customer experience management systems in 2024. 

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Well-designed customer experience management systems set companies, and customers, up for success.

Well-designed customer experience management systems set companies — and customers — up for success. They enable customer experience (CX) teams to unlock the right insights, take the kinds of data-driven action that make an impact, and ultimately drive KPIs across customer outcomes, such as customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as accelerate business results like retention and revenue growth.

The thing is, customer experiences aren’t static. Customer preferences and expectations are constantly shifting. And the channels customers use to connect with brands — and the ways in which consumers and businesses interact — are continuously changing, too. To keep up, customer experience management software must adapt and evolve. Or risk becoming dated, irrelevant, ineffective, or obsolete.

Simply put, technology solutions that may have gotten the job done in the past may no longer be equipped to meet today’s (or tomorrow’s) needs. Particularly if they’re lacking key capabilities necessary for understanding customers and optimizing their experiences. 

The question is, what do customer experience management systems need to drive business performance in 2024? 

We’ve put together a list of the top customer experience management system features that are must-haves for success in 2024 and the top CX platform trends that aren’t serving customers or businesses and need to go.

What’s In: 5 Customer Experience Management System Features That Are Critical to Business Success

Empower your organization to truly listen to your customers, understand their wants and needs, and offer the kinds of experiences that improve business performance with an advanced customer experience management system that offers the following capabilities. 

#1: Comprehensive customer data capture and analysis

Collect and connect all of your brand’s critical customer experience data across every interaction, touchpoint, and channel. This type of functionality allows organizations to uncover what matters the most to each and every customer, not just a minority of customers who offer customer feedback via surveys. 

#2: Role-based architecture

When organizations are able to unlock and share role-specific insights, every employee has what they need to take the right action and be accountable for improving the customer experience. 

#3: AI-embedded workflows

With AI-powered automations, teams can take the right actions in real time, driving impact on important KPIs fast and streamlining operational efficiencies.

#4: Enterprise-level performance

Not every platform is able to scale to meet global organizations’ needs. Unfortunately, limitations like these can have unintended consequences for customers and business outcomes. 

#5: Unified experience insights

Bringing together data from the digital experience, contact center, customer experience, and employee experience (EX) delivers a more complete picture of your brand experience, which means more impactful change can be made to drive trust and loyalty among customers.

What’s Out: 5 Customer Experience Management System Fails That Hold Businesses Back

Don’t let the wrong tools get in the way of achieving your organization’s desired objectives. Here’s what it’s time to say goodbye to. 

#1: Survey-driven customer experience systems

Savvy organizations are going beyond using traditional surveys to understand their customers and are instead capturing the broadest customer signals and insights from along the customer journey — incorporating direct and indirect feedback from touchpoints across chat, social media, CRM data, point of sales, digital experience data, and more. 

#2: Project-based architecture

Organizing workflows and access around projects rather than roles creates data and department silos that inhibit progress.

#3: A lack of AI capabilities

While some CX solutions have recently begun incorporating artificial intelligence into their offerings, leading customer experience platforms have built this technology into their DNA from the start. Innovative customer experience management systems harness the power of AI to:

  • Provide faster, more complete insights

  • Deliver more effective resolutions

  • Enable personalization

Using AI in customer experience to augment human workflows is now table stakes, and any platform that’s not up to the task has got to go. 

#4: Limited systems

Sophisticated tools integrate with other systems, offer a user-friendly interface, and scale to meet changing needs and a growing volume of customer data. 

#5: Disconnected experience data

Bringing together CX data with EX data is critical to improving customer and employee outcomes, but still so many brands don’t have the ability to connect the dots between factors like employee sentiment, engagement, retention, and results and corresponding measures like customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention. That’s because dated platforms don’t have the means to connect employee experience to customer experience. Enhanced CX platforms offer this capability, making it possible for organizations to strengthen experiences for both employees and customers. 

Improve Your Business Performance Medallia’s Customer Experience Management System

Every day we at Medallia have the pleasure of working with more than 2,000 of the world’s most-loved brands, supporting their efforts to unlock customer insights across channels and touchpoints, remove points of friction and improve experiences across the customer journey, drive personalization, and guide next best actions, interactions, and experiences for consumers across industries.

We do that by building the best customer experience management systems out there. Not only that, like our customers, we’re always learning from every customer interaction and we’re always improving upon our strategies and offerings. 

Medallia’s technology has the features that are in for 2024. On average, customers that use Medallia’s customer experience management platform achieve a 21% increase in customer satisfaction, a 90% uplift in productivity, and an impressive +700% return on investment. Connect with a Medallia expert to learn more about our CX solutions. 

Source: Medallia


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