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Contact Centre trends to help you become a CX powerhouse

With the advent of the increasingly digitised world, CCaaS is gaining in popularity. As organisations deal with customers with diversified needs and preferences, and the high expectations they have for agent engagement, a hybrid interface of human and artificial intelligence is gaining ground to deliver customer service outcomes.

This comes as no surprise given channels of customer engagement are gradually getting packed, with voice, video, web, messaging, text, chats, phone, and self-service all viable channels depending on client demographics and preferences. This is driving organisations to evaluate CCaaS, AI and outsourcing to support business growth given that 86% of buyers are willing to spend more for a positive client experience.

CCaaS enables smooth AI integration, allowing you to form high-quality relationships.
CCaaS enables smooth AI integration, allowing you to form high-quality relationships.

The top trends to watch out for in the contact center industry include:

1. Cloudification is gaining in popularity

With 61% of consumers wanting to move their contact center to the cloud, the merits of CCaaS cannot be underestimated.

  • CCaaS allows consumers and employees to communicate via voice, text, email, chat, social media, the web, and self-service.

  • With CCaaS, you can take advantage of digital deflection—virtual agents, web experiences, and self-service channels—to reduce toll-free calls while also enhancing staff performance and operational efficiencies.

  • CCaaS enables smooth AI integration, allowing you to form high-quality relationships. Artificial intelligence allows you to uncover valuable trends in human interactions, allowing you to create powerful consumer personas.

2. Automation and customer experience

Automation helps businesses to implement self-service options, resulting in enhanced convenience and increased staff productivity. As companies prioritise automation, it's critical to analyse client demands and get input while designing and testing. To amplify CX, automation should supplement the agent interaction and human touch.

  • You can invigorate your customer journeys with automation. You may be more proactive in providing human touch where needed to amplify CX by predicting what consumers want and generating compelling personalized experiences via automated procedures and self-service choices.

  • By eliminating redundancies and enabling self-service alternatives, automation improves efficiencies. Employees can then focus on more complicated enquiries, resulting in higher-quality interactions and a better customer experience.

  • Automation improves client satisfaction and retention. Speech-to-text and automatic call recording are two examples of solutions that can help.

3. Artificial intelligence is a strategic business priority:

As per the CX Live Intelligence Report 2022, 78 per cent of businesses state AI is the most important technological solution in their customer experience strategy. To satisfy today's customers' growing demands, AI combined with CCaaS can help you become a CX powerhouse.

  • By facilitating seamless consumer and staff involvement, AI promotes the formation of better and superior connections. Credibility, confidence, and good customer connections are all aided by a dashboard view of essential data.

  • AI also aids in the development of brand equity and loyalty. Resolutions are faster and CX is greater when clients are intelligently matched with staff who have served them well.

  • Employee engagement is boosted by AI thanks to self-help and well-defined suggestions.

4. Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an effective way to prioritise work tasks and focus on business growth. Additionally, outsourcing brings agility to the business as it reduces the wait time between tasks, enabling your suppliers to react to situations faster. You can outsource just a few of your call center's tasks or all of them. Below are potential benefits you can attain from call center outsourcing:

  • Lower operating expenses: Spend less money on office space, equipment, software, tech support, and maintenance.

  • Improve experience: By promptly returning calls and directing them to the appropriate facility to raise customer satisfaction.

  • Make the most of your current workforce: Call center outsourcing takes care of routine administrative tasks so your team can concentrate on higher-value tasks.

  • Improve customer care: By updating your call flows and real-time monitoring of agent performance to guarantee that each client receives individualized attention.

  • Encourage business expansion: By handling your excess inbound or outgoing calls, outsourced call centers let you manage a business boom without jeopardizing customer satisfaction.


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