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All Things Experience Newsletter: Edition 1 by Medallia

Before we dive in, let’s give an idea of what you should expect from this newsletter when it hits your inbox.

All Things Experience is for you. Yes, you. Customer experience touches everything, right? Just think about all the touchpoints between your brand and its customers.

Consumers and companies — depending if you’re B2C or B2B — may interact with your brand on its website, directly with your employees, or they might stop by a physical store or call a contact center for help. Why they’re doing this could be for very different reasons, from comparing products to determining if your services are a fit for their wants, needs, and preferences.

Customer experience isn’t for a particular role or department, either. Even if you’re not a contact center agent interacting with agents daily, a Head of Customer Experience strategizing the quarter ahead, or an HR Business Partner onboarding new employees, what you do makes an impact. CX is, after all, critical from the front lines to the boardroom and everywhere in-between.

We’re focused on delivering insightful, relevant information in a format respecting your time. Don’t worry about another lengthy read that you’re too busy to sift through for the good stuff. All Things Experience pulls together content from Medallia and other sources to uncover the trends and stories from the world of customer experience that you’ll actually find interesting. You can dig deeper where you see fit.

Now let’s get into it.

Special Report | The New Customer Expectations for the Contact Center

Research hot off the press! In a special report published by the Medallia Institute, we’ve uncovered the key factors shaping customer service in 2023.

One of the most significant findings? Companies may be losing customers to the competition due to negative customer service interactions — our data found a whopping 65% of consumers say just one negative interaction motivates them to consider switching brands.

Start thumbing through the special report to discover how optimizing your contact center helps reduce operational costs, increase customer retention, and get a step ahead of the competition. All things you certainly want a contact center (and business) to achieve.

Watch & Learn | CX Pros Lead with Medallia

Just a few weeks ago, customer experience leaders from top brands joined us for a Medallia User Group (MUG) event.

It was exciting to hear from these experts on why they love CX and how they’re using our platform to create amazing experiences, which you can catch a glimpse of above or on EXP Now — Medallia’s On-Demand TV Network.

And a special shout-out to Katelyn MacKenzie and Jeremiah Edwards (Global Payments Inc.), Nicole Lanni (Gap Inc.), Altaïr Dahrouch (Allegiant), Brett Wilps (DICK'S Sporting Goods), and Deborah A. Bearden (Simmons Bank) for hopping on camera with us at the event. If you're looking to learn from other CX experts, connect with them here on LinkedIn.

Spotlight | How Noom Uses Text Analytics to Drive Insights & Action

Noom, which is disrupting healthcare with an award-winning mobile app, helps people live healthier lives by changing their long-term habits. Initially, the company relied on manual processes and outsourced assistance to read, tag, and understand transcripts. But once it got started with our platform, Noom started identifying actionable key insights at scale.

"Having Medallia to leverage insights from sophisticated text analytics, at scale, and in a very cost-effective way, has been a game changer for us." - Gabe Strano, Customer Insights Director at Noom

In the full case study, find out how the digital health platform uses our text analytics to bring together email and chat transcripts from customer interactions, allowing its team to both identify and quantify the impact of improvement opportunities.

Worth the Read | 3 Enterprise Customer Acquisition Strategies That Leverage CX

Landing new customers is as important as ever. Luckily, our friends at Mindful have a few CX-focused tips that will help you grow your customer base.

Here’s our recap on the tips Mindful offers to improve customer acquisition:

  • Make it easy for visitors to connect: Friction is disastrous for brands, and Mindful is quick to point out that acquiring customers requires a brand to make it as easy as possible to connect with an agent.

  • Be available to answer customer questions before they purchase: Customers love convenience, and self-help options such as a product page or FAQs are certainly useful. But customers still crave a human element to their interactions with brands. Mindful suggests improving user experience (UX) but also providing low-lift solutions like live chat to connect a customer with an agent in your contact center.

  • Automate gathering customer reviews: Feedback, feedback, feedback. Every business wants it, but some struggle to gather it. As Mindful explains, customer reviews should be automated to easily capture feedback for internal use — and also external. By having a steady stream of positive reviews online for the public to see, you have a much better chance at turning prospects into customers.

Check out the blog post to dive deeper into those tips.

Tune In | Anticipated Each Customer: Boost Digital Conversion Through Personalization

Digital experts from Adobe and Medallia recently got together to discuss their top strategies for 2023. Topics covered by Adobe’s Christopher Young and our very own Mike Debnar range from how to unlock the full potential of digital experience insights, how to create a proactive approach when it comes to digital friction, and how to create a technology ecosystem for personalization at scale.

No worries if you missed the live discussion — it’s available on-demand right now.

Quick Hits | Notable News & Notes

Closing out the debut of All Things Experience, here are a few other items you might find interesting:

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Source: Medallia


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