CX solutions for the next decade

  • Already though, we can see the first incarnations of AI-powered CX innovations making their way into the ME market, from major banks introducing customer-facing robots and virtual assistants, to the launch of AI labs designed to improve government services.

  • In fact, there is a growing consensus that AI will be a core competition differentiator for most industries in the coming years, with more than 75% of global finance managers believing it will be key to the future success of their business.

IoT is the preferred solution for capturing data seamlessly and automatically. IoT provides a neural network of sensors that are capable of collecting large volumes of data and subsequently processing them. Given the multitude of touchpoints from where data is collected, IoT provides a sophisticated data capture strategy that enable in-depth views of the customers, their journeys and buying behavior.
IoT provides a sophisticated data capture strategy that enables an in-depth view of cu