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Brand health playbook and metrics

Benchmarking and measuring customer interactions against defined customer experience standards is imperative to ensure the brand health playbook is effective and results-oriented. Thus, organisations must establish clear metrics to measure success.

Today’s consumer has infinite choices and extremely high expectations from brands. The consumer is also making value-based choices from sustainability, price sensitivity, ease of purchase, virtual interfaces, and personal health. Whilst many organisations are still adjusting to the more basic challenges of a digital world, such as managing negative buzz on social media or providing a consistent omnichannel brand experience the consumer is already in the virtual world ready to experiment with augmented and metaverse. As such, if brands want to be category leaders and have a strong brand health, they must be agile, completely aligned at the C-suite level and building a culture that embraces and drives change constantly.
Whilst many organisations are still adjusting to the more basic challenges of a digital world, the consumer is already in the virtual world, ready to experiment with augmented and metaverse.

Ensuring your organization has a playbook for brand service standardization is vital in today’s fast-changing world.

Some guidelines for this are:

  • Customer satisfaction ratings

  • Franchisee satisfaction rating

  • Revenue achievements vs targets

  • Contribution to overall organizational growth and economic performance

  • Employee satisfaction ratings

  • Employee turnover

  • Customer renewal and customer loyalty

After establishing the relevant metrics and measuring results against them, organisations can analyse the gaps and fracture points in their strategy or process, to fix problem areas and convert shortcomings to long term gains.

This may require overhauling:

  • Response mechanisms

  • Hands-on training

  • Operational delivery mechanisms Investing in process or facility upgrade Rewards and loyalty offers

Brand health tradeoffs

Even with a well-executed brand health playbook, the risks to brand health remain.

And every new interaction that the brand makes with a customer is a moment of truth that must be measured and evaluated thereby strengthening or weakening the brand’s health.

The C-suite must be completely aligned on the evaluation of the brand's health and its implications on corporate goals.

Key decisions that need to be made are:

  • When do you let go of brands with low brand health?

  • Till what point do you continue investing in low health brands because they generate significant revenue

  • How do you manage risks associated with low health brands for long-term competitive advantage?

Every organisation needs to ascertain its tolerance for brand health tradeoffs based on its year on year commercial and growth projections. Whilst preserving brand health is crucial, decisions need to be made on when to persevere and when to exit.

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