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How to boost customer engagement with conversational AI

Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere, across channels and in multiple languages, with complete journey control and campaign automation. Read on to find out how conversational AI can help boost revenue using impactful customer engagement.

Quick facts on benefits:

23% Increase in revenue

900% Higher lead capture

15% Increase in productivity

$150M Business impact created yearly

Conversational AI-driven engagement helps boost your customer relations and loyalty programs to drive sales and repeat purchases

Qualify, nurture, close, up-sell - It’s total engagement automation

Sales qualification and funnel automation

Identify and qualify the most relevant leads and nurture their interest through bot prompts, in real-time

Cross-sell and up-sell at the perfect moment

Right time, right place. That’s what matters when upselling and cross-selling. Smart sentiment - recognition engine pitches precisely at the peak-interest point for best up-selling results.

Elevate retention with smarter automation

Tap into the power of targeted rewards, promotions and discounts with conversational AI-driven engagement. Boost your customer relations and loyalty programs to drive sales and repeat purchases.

Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere - across languages

Be engagement ready for your visitors 24*7

Your global audience can come knocking anytime. Be ready to engage them via our voice and text AI-powered virtual assistants, expertly guiding them through the most-apt workflows. It’s truly 24x7x365

Profound outbound engagement across channels

“Customers don't know what they want until you show them” - Steve Jobs. Engage with your customers proactively on their preferred medium, be it over voice call, WhatsApp, Facebook, in-app or on-website from a single platform.

Strategic ABM and campaign management

Improve your conversions and sales revenue with intent-triggered conversations. Our voice and text virtual assistants power your account-based marketing (ABM) and campaigns to greater heights.

Intuitive, AI - driven customer engagement for positive marketing automation

Industry-leading NLP engines perform perfect persona-recognition, fine-tuned nurturing, and intelligent qualifications for progressive customer engagement. This helps shorten lead-times and boost revenue per sales member. Thus, there are definite advantages of up-scaling your marketing now, with our conversational voice and text AI.

Note: Content credit Yellow.AI


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