How do you achieve 54.1% uplift in conversion of new visitors? is one of UAE’s largest online shopping stores. Started in 2015, it managed to rapidly grow its traction because of its relatively low pricing and real super fast delivery. The company claims to have delivered more than 70% of all the orders on its portal in less than 24 hours. It is owned and run by Sharjah-based company Al Waqt Al Haqiqi gen tr. L.L.C.

Only last year, the Arab world’s largest E-commerce business Souq was acquired by Amazon for mn $580. In response, Dubai-based Emaar group launched their answer to Amazon and Alib
The Middle East region is seeing a lot of action around E-commerce

The Objective

If the pockets are deep, it is easier than ever to drive the revenue of an E-commerce business manifold. Because, in retail, customer loyalty is a myth. Just raise the discounts and ignore your CAC, even if it penetrates the stratosphere and nobody in your team would ever complain about revenue.

There was a challenge briefly when customers were loath to shop online. Now, that has changed. Today, consumers are buying online. And in absence of any differentiator, the one who inc