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AI-powered, Insights-led Customer Engagement for the Mobile-first Consumer

Today’s consumers demand a consistent, personalized, and always-on experience across multiple devices and touchpoints. They desire contextual content from brands, in the moment of engagement, on the channel they prefer.

Through AI-powered customer engagement platforms, users can analyze data and reports at their fingertips - such as customer behavior, funnel analysis, customer journey path, and cohort analysis

To stay ahead of consumers’ shifting expectations, more brands are turning toward fully-integrated, AI-powered customer engagement solutions to drive greater efficiencies, deeper consumer insights, cross-channel automation, and personalization that scales.

Customer-obsessed brands can scale their mobile engagement strategies by leveraging AI to surface consumer insights and take action based on intelligence. Fortune 500 brands across 35+ countries - including Ally Financial, Nestle, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, and McAfee, along with mobile-first companies such as Ola, OYO, and Tokopedia - leverage MoEngage’s AI-powered, insights-led customer engagement platform to gain rich intelligence into their customers’ interests and behaviors fueled by our proprietary AI engine, Sherpa. Using Sherpa, marketers and product owners can:

  • Gain insights into consumers’ preferences, behaviors, and journeys

  • Segment users based on attributes and behavior

  • Personalize engagements across channels to build one-to-one relationships

  • Analyze trends and identify bottlenecks to improve your strategy

  • And, do it all at scale with minimal guesswork

Through AI-powered customer engagement platform, users can analyze data and reports at their fingertips - such as customer behavior, funnel analysis, customer journey path, and cohort analysis - and then act on these insights to engage and retain customers throughout their lifecycle.

Growth Acceleration With a Customer-first Approach

MoEngage has been Recognized As Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms Report.

Interview with Raviteja (Ravi) Dodda, co-founder and CEO of MoEngage - Building the Customer Engagement Platform of Tomorrow

Since the founding of our company in 2014, MoEngage has been laser-focused on our customers’ success. Over the years, their customer portfolio has become more diverse - ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, from unicorns to mobile-first companies and customer experience focused brands. They’ve expanded from the Asia Pacific to North America and Europe, working with customers across multiple industries that have unique requirements.

To meet this scale, we’ve strengthened our global team, product, and service offerings. We’ve been making strides on all fronts; we hired new leadership; we raised $25 million in Series C funding to support continued North America and EMEA growth; we brought innovative product capabilities to market (including User Paths, Cards, Predictive Segments based on RFM Analysis, Push Templates, and MoEngage Analytics); and we expanded our partnerships as part of our go-to-market strategy (such as with Mixpanel and Amplitude).

We built our platform - as well as our operations - to manage this growth and scale. Our global team grew 10X across the board with a significant focus on customer success and growth functions, which helped us geographically diversify operations and build industry expertise across retail, financial services, telecommunications, media industries, among others.

Our dedicated customer success managers and solution engineers are responsible for onboarding, training, and supporting clients. We provide proactive advice and consultancy such as our email delivery consultancy service. We obsess over your customers as much as you do and deliver white-glove service to help succeed, which is evident by our highest overall rating in Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of Customer’ Report for Mobile Marketing Platforms.

We recognize the world is becoming rapidly more digital and mobile-first. As an outcome of this changing landscape, we launched our #GROWTH platform to facilitate peer learning. As part of the #GROWTH umbrella, we conducted 25+ events across 14 cities with 75+ speakers and 5000+ participants. We also introduced our #GROWTH Academy, an exclusive e-learning portal for growth marketers and product owners that covers all aspects of delighting your customers - from onboarding to engagement and long-term retention.

We are confident the results of our focused customer success efforts are reflected in the Magic Quadrant under training and support.

We believe our position in the Leaders quadrant is driven largely in part by our high customer satisfaction. We thank our customers for putting their trust in us and providing us with the opportunity to join them on their transformation journeys.

Moments-based customer engagement is the future of marketing

We believe moments-based customer engagement is the future of marketing. As mentioned above, today’s consumers demand a consistent, individualized experience across channels, with content in context. To meet these expectations, brands need to understand the series of moments that make up each customer’s journey and create a personalized, yet frictionless, customer experience.

This is the dream, but it’s often much harder for brands to execute. They need the right technology partner to make it a reality. To execute this modern marketing strategy requires a future-proof, insights-led platform that is based on the assumption of data. MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform brings together native and third-party data sources to help marketers create a comprehensive, unified customer profile. Additionally, MoEngage customers can harness the benefits of our strong partner ecosystem including Mixpanel, Segment, and Amplitude.

Powered by our intelligent AI-engine Sherpa, marketers can leverage AI-powered automation and optimization to make orchestrating moments-based journeys a reality. With access to the right analytics, segmentation, and engagement tools, MoEngage enables hyper-personalization at scale across multiple channels and touchpoints including mobile push, email, in-app, web push, on-site messages, and SMS.

As mentioned above, we’ve released several new features over the last year and will continue to invest in our product roadmap to deliver value to our customers. We pride ourselves on being a customer-first, innovation-led organization, delivering the platform of tomorrow to help our customers stay one step ahead in their customer engagement strategies.

What's Next?

We are incredibly proud to be recognized as a Leader, which we believe validates our vision and guiding principles – to build the world's most trusted customer engagement platform.

Note: content Credit MoEngage. MoEngage has been Recognized As Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms Report. While we’re thrilled with today’s achievement, this is only the beginning. We remain committed to helping our customers create world-class customer experiences across channels. We will continue to invest in developing our Sherpa AI functionality and features and plan to launch collaboration and gamification features as well as new customer journey orchestration capabilities in the near future. There’s much more ahead, so stay tuned.


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