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Customer Experience Live 2022   Predictions

CX deployment trends in the Middle East in 2022


Companies cite increased drive towards digital transformation implementation or expanding AI, chatbots, analytics, and cloud capabilities.



Companies cite data analytics & data security as central to CX – leveraging data analytics to analyse feedback responses and drive insightful decisions whilst having strong data governance



Companies will be re-evaluating customer journey mapping platforms in 2022

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Business leaders say effective delivery of personalised experiences to their customers is their biggest CX strategy challenge.

CX Live Portfolio Hall of Fame

Omantel - Putting the customer at the heart of everything.

The new technology-driven CX model requires significant investment and internal alignment. Organisations where the CX leaders and top management are inspirational, break the barriers to delivering great CX. Hear how Talal led the charge to make the CX function part of the boardroom discussion.

Talal Said Al Mamari, CEO, Omantel 

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Mobile Phone
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Brands are re-evaluating their VoC programs. How are you integrating this in your CX strategy?

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The Alfa Co - Putting the guest at the heart of everything.

"We worked very hard across the whole of our business with digital transformation, we even have robots in our restaurants serving food. We did not do it purely for a cost-saving measure, we did it to make it relevant for people in terms of innovation and fun."

Ian John Toal, CEO of Alfa Co, wholly-owned by Al Faisaliah Group

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Exemplifying Patient Experience and Care

The healthcare sector has been leading the charge in personalised patient experience delivery with significant investments in AI, ML, data management. What worked and what didn't, what's the long term strategy?



  • Mohammed Al Hajjy, Virtual Care Program Manager, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, KSA

  • Qutaiba Al Manaseer. Government Affairs Director, MEA, AstraZeneca

  • Rayan Samman, Group Chief Experience Officer, Saudi German Hospital KSA

  • Kowshik Bhattacharjee, Head - Service Excellence, Medcare Hospitals

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Vaccine Production Line
Orange Box
Orange Box

We are all trying to get a share of the consumer's wallet. Do you often wonder why customers are purchasing a specific brand repeatedly, why do they believe only that particular product fulfills their need?

It all starts with brand awareness.  Brand awareness is a necessary process that influences customer buying behaviour through the subconscious level. It is very likely, if consumers haven't heard of your brand's existence, they will not consider buying from you.

Understanding brand awareness, and how to develop a marketing strategy with solid brand awareness at its core, enables you to convert your target audience into loyal customers and brand advocates. Let's examine what brand awareness is, why it’s crucial for business success, how to monitor it, and how to enhance it.

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Customer Experience Live Leaders Connects - A Powerhouse of All Things CX


An ROI driven opportunity that will enable you to walk out with clear direction on making the right investments and closing business.

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$ 1 million+

What CX Live members and decision-makers plan to spend on leveraging new technologies to amplify customer experience.


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government office


CX Leaders benchmark with peers, review feedback and analyse trends before making buying decisions.

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Companies cite increased budgets for digital transformation eg AI, chatbots, analytics, or cloud. CX Live Exchanges facilitate closed door peer discussions, making technology evaluation easier.

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