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AI and ML have become powerful weapons to drive loyalty, increase growth and improve efficiencies

AI and ML collectively enable companies to understand customers' behaviour. Companies are leveraging these technologies to continuously translate customer into actionable insights - meaning systems can better interactions predict and address customer needs for a differentiated experience.

In 2023 long-term innovative solutions must be designed to capture unlimited possibilities, not just for finding the most straightforward answers. Download the Customer Experience Live Intelligence Report 2023 to find out what technologies are exciting companies in the Middle East to amplify CX.

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We are now more linked to the rest of the world than ever thanks to smartphone technology. We can communicate with someone on the other side of the globe as though we were in the same room. We can frequently conduct product research, explore websites, and converse in ways that are both visually dynamic and context-rich all at once.

Why then does the standard customer support experience remain so archaic?

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Customer Experience Live interviewed Sanjay Gupta, Vice President, South Asia and Middle East, NICE


  • Why do you say that CX does not start with CC, why are digital entry points important?

  • What are key trends you are seeing for CX solution vendors - best of breed/ platform as a service? (Suiteform)

  • What is the role of AI and Automation in the contact center for future?

  • How is data going to play an important role?

  • Omni-Channel Contact Centers have been adopted by customers for a while. How is this evolving?

CX Live Insights

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