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Rounds and Circles
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How do you overcome organisational inertia and deliver great CX 

Organisations have been adaptive in the face of external changes. The challenge grappling CX leaders is how to overcome organisational inertia to ensure we deliver the best possible customer experience and deliver growth.

CX Live and The Customer Institute's Leaders Connect with -

  • Hussein M. Dajani, GM Customer Experience, Nissan Motors

  • Mike Wittenstein, CEO, Storyminers

  • Sue Duris, Founding Principal, M4 Communications

  • Sebastien Munar, Managing Director, Clientrika

In this session we discussed :

  • What exactly is organisational inertia and what causes this?

  • Are there underlying causes and driving forces behind this increase other than the pandemic?

  • How can the culture and structure be improved?

  • Can inertia be avoided, or should this happen to get organisations to improve on things like structure, culture, and change? If it can be avoided, how?

  • What role do partnerships play in overcoming inertia and what would you say is the best way of implementing these changes?

  • Employee inertia - How can you influence and change people's thinking when they themselves are stuck in that state of inertia and are struggling to buy into or accept the changes?

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How to set your CX goals and implement them successfully

From the start of the CX journey, companies must articulate their business goals and focus on identifying the gaps that may hinder successful attainment. 

The result will differ depending on whether you embrace the highly structured business models for sustainable future growth versus putting the organization in an accelerated mode in a high-growth market. Therefore, it is imperative to define goals and reflect on key questions:

  • What do I want to achieve?

  • What is the reason for this action?

  • Where does technology intervene, where is human contact retained?

  • What methods am I using to analyze and monitor?

  • Which digital adoption will result in a unified experience for customers and employees?

  • What result am I seeking, what will be my plan of action if the desired result is not achieved?

Meeting Room Business

Increasingly brands are focusing on hyper-personalisation to gain trust, loyalty and achieve growth, how are you managing this?


We deep dive with Vasili Triant, Chief Operation Officer, UJet CX.

  • What is the impact of emotion on customer experiences?  

  • How can we better personalize customer interactions across the entire journey? 

  • How do we measure our CX program then for customer value or customer preferred outcomes?

  • In today’s remote or hybrid environment, the need to move to cloud-based technology is increasing.  What are the top challenges associated with cloud (or multi-cloud even) and what can be done to overcome them? 

  • UJET selected Dubai / ME as one of its global expansion sites.  What do you see as the growth potential in this market? What challenges do you see in ME (or Europe) that differ from the rest of the world?

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As organizations prioritise process automation across functions, CIOs must explore strategies to unlock momentous new capabilities, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies.


Intelligent Automation is a critical business strategy, but a one-size-fits-all strategy simply won’t work. CIOs must distinguish between business processes and IT processes. IT is the backbone for any organization and must operate at a pace faster than the speed of business, with an automation strategy that is resilient and future-proof. So how do you ensure your IT automation strategy delivers maximum benefit by unlocking the potential for hyper speed in executing IT processes, agile decision making and process efficiencies to deliver accelerated growth.


Hear Vijay Kurkal, CEO, Resolve.io share his perspectives

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Brand management and CX

We are all trying to get a share of the consumer's wallet. Do you often wonder why customers are purchasing a specific brand repeatedly, why do they believe only that particular product fulfils their need?

It all starts with brand awareness.  Brand awareness is a necessary process that influences customer buying behaviour through the subconscious level. It is very likely, if consumers haven't heard of your brand's existence, they will not consider buying from you.

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An intelligent BPM workflow setup can bring an organisation to a higher level of automated efficiency than it ever thought possible by understanding and triggering opportunities for RPA bots to automate processes that it has optimised.

RPA systems represent an incredible tool for rapidly revitalizing companies that handle massive data transactions, even input from human interaction.
Using the right approach where viable repeatable tasks are redesigned in a much more strategic, structured and holistic manner, BPM lays the groundwork for RPA.

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Customer Experience Live Leaders Connects - A Powerhouse of All Things CX

An ROI driven opportunity that will enable you to walk out with clear direction on making the right investments and closing business.

CX Live Show; Customer Experience Live; cx live; customer experience conference; customer experience awards

$ 1 million+

What CX Live members and decision-makers plan to spend on leveraging new technologies to amplify customer experience.


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CX Leaders benchmark with peers, review feedback and analyse trends before making buying decisions.

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CX Live Show; Customer Experience Live; cx live; customer experience conference; customer experience awards


Companies cite increased budgets for digital transformation eg AI, chatbots, analytics, or cloud. CX Live Leaders Connects facilitate closed-door peer discussions, making technology evaluation easier.

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