For CX, Where is not as important as What and Why

CX is good to have anywhere, but it’s even better to have it everywhere. If, in your division (whichever it is), you’ve seen the importance and impact of concentrating on your Customer, take those successes and share them. Broaden your scope and pull for a more universal CX organization with a similar purpose but broader reach.

Where a CX function is located within a company is a frequent discussion topic among CXers.  I’ve been thinking about this recently and, while obviously each company is unique and every situation different, it occurs to me that where a CX function resides isn’t nearly as important as is what it’s chartered to do. But if I could get all Simon Sinek-y here, naturally the greater question still, is the Why.  Let’s look at the charter of what your CX organization should be in the first place, then we can start to look at what difference it may make as to where it’s located.  The why should drive the what, and therefore, the where will really just be a slight tweaking and refinement of range of influence.