Do BFSIs understand the race to tech adoption, how are they coping post-pandemic?

  • Each industry has its own milestones, touchpoints and challenges. But when covid struck, the industry that got impacted the most was the healthcare sector.

  • With complete lockdowns and a lot of unknowns, customers wanted to get in touch with their doctors and telehealth gained prominence.

All industries went through a massive transition, but more so Insurance as it has to support and service frontline workers. People needed attending to claims, access to doctors, fast-tracking diagnosis, and everything had to be delivered with speed. Patients were not unreasonable in their requests and for  Insurance organizations, the realignment of process and service delivery became a priority.
Most insurance services were repositioned so they could be delivered online with the click of a button.

For insurers as well, the emphasis shifted from leveraging tech to deliver seamless credit card payments to servicing the customer. Below are some of the areas that came to the spotlight.