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The customer behaviour has evolved markedly post-pandemic, from wanting budget-friendly products the focus has shifted to quality and sustainability as consumers rally in their quest to be positive, impactful, and experiential. These trends are challenging companies to innovate their pre-existing CX models and invest in the latest technologies to cater to evolving customer needs and wants.

Live with Olga Potaptseva, an international a CX implementation advisor with 17 years experience, working across multiple industries in North America, Europe, Far East and Middle East.

October 2021 I Virtual

In today’s interview we examine:


1.    With an amplified focus on CX post-pandemic, how can CX leaders identify and prioritize CX problems and opportunities? 

The new technology-driven CX model requires significant investment and internal alignment. Organisations where the CX leaders and top management are inspirational, break the barriers to delivering great CX.


2.    Thus, how important is it to make the CX function part of the boardroom discussion and how can this be achieved? 


Leaders who inspire, motivate, and cultivate a CX culture within the organisation set themselves apart. Thus, the


3.    Passion for improving CX has to be embedded in the culture, how can CX leaders spread this to deliver personalisation at scale


There is a quintessential thirst for data as business leaders want to get a complete picture of customer preferences and behaviours to formulate their growth strategy. It’s no surprise that surveys and customer feedback are forming the backbone of all CX interventions at this point.


4.   The Data explosion is overwhelming a lot of CX leaders, what strategies can be adopted to break down data silos 

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