Think like a human and stop ignoring true customer service

  • Every truly successful business that wants to spend less time doing battle with client attrition really needs to start with the customer service and client experience component of the business.

  • If we tallied up into dollars spent the amount of time and decision making executive leadership has been used to rush in to save clients from leaving we would see exactly why hitting those monthly/quarterly targets are so hard.

Over time, this stickiness has been reverse engineered by many brilliant people in the world that took the time to understand your company's "glue factor" strategy. Then they came up with a counter-solution thus giving you an opportunity to move to their hopefully superior product... Most likely though, you've gotten pulled into the new company's own proprietary glue formula.  Notice for a moment that up to this point that I've written about how companies try to build solutions that will make it hard to undo business with them. So now that we're past that, let me bring it back to the core purpose... Customer Service/Experience.