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Telefonica automated technical support using dynamic process guidance software

"One of the main benefits of Uniphore is that it has transformed a technical diagnostic procedure into something that can be handled easily by the wider advisor community."

Mark Frowde – Head of Gurus, Incubation and Innovation

Our Approach

Having already used Uniphore’s unified desktop and automation solution extensively across the sales and service organization, Telefonica decided to trial agent guidance as a way of addressing these issues.

Agent Guidance would make it possible to bring a dynamic element to customer interactions, based on real-time customer information, to ensure that each call could be handled exactly as intended by the business. The guidance solution offered speed in diagnosis, easy-to-follow series of process flows, and automated interaction notes following the interaction.

Steps taken by a tier-one agent are auto-documented making it easier to escalate interactions to tier-two agents when needed. Further the software allows the ability to pause and resume the same workflow so that the subject matter expert picking up on the customer interaction can do so without requiring the customer to repeat themselves — eliminating one of the most frustrating aspects of running or calling into a contact center.

About the Client

O2 employs over 21,000 people in the UK and has over 480 retail stores. Its Gurus business is described internally as “the home of all things technical” for O2, and thus covers a wide variety of products and services that may require support.

Prior to engaging Uniphore, the group that specialized in broadband technical support was organized into multiple tiers of support and used a knowledge base to troubleshoot issues, like most teams in the industry. Though O2 had since exited the broadband business in the UK, the case study shares important best practices for any team involved in technical support.


  • 40 seconds per interaction: Reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT) for calls received by Gurus

  • 50% reduction: The time needed for support Guru’s to complete after call work

  • Nearly 50% reduction: The number of faults escalating to second-tier support

  • 25% decrease: In ‘repeat calls’ (second interactions); serious improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR)

  • Customer experience has been improved through faster problem diagnosis and resolution

What's Next

The agent guidance solution integrated within Uniphore’s desktop solution for customer advisers, known as Synergy, which includes an intelligent view of all customer data and the processes required to support various call types. This means that complex support calls can be answered by the Gurus team and simplified with guidance, and then handled by the much larger general adviser community.

Source: Uniphore


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