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Importance of executive sponsorship for CX initiatives

The new technology-driven CX model requires significant investment and internal alignment. Organisations where the CX leaders and top management are inspirational, break the barriers to delivering great CX.

  • How do secure budgets from the board?

  • Given the level of investment and coordination it requires across the organisation, how do you achieve alignment

Digital CX requires significant investment and internal alignment.

The new technology-driven CX model requires significant investment and internal alignment. Organisations where the CX leaders and top management are inspirational break the barriers to delivering great CX. The leaders inspire their people, their customers, their suppliers and do not see the organisation being commercially focused. Today customer experience should not be seen as a commercial driver. Customers and stakeholders no longer respect if an organisation brings in technology and then cuts back on resources to cover the investment. Or pushed for revenue growth to offset the cost. This model is not inspirational anymore.

Leaders who inspire, motivate, and cultivate a CX culture within the organisation set themselves apart.

They like to benchmark their customer experience with the best organisations in the world. They want to learn from them and embrace their vision and methodologies.

Building CX capabilities across different business units, different locations, and different offices

  • Strengthening the CX competencies in the era of digital transformation

  • Driving growth by embracing the silent revolution that is sparking interactions and experiences.

Nowadays people will not resonate with you as a brand just because you are big and financially powerful. They need more in this relationship because they are seeing brands deliver amazing digital experiences. Everybody is reliant on digital outreach and purchase and experiences and expectations are being compared across the industry. Brands need to focus on building communities and doing things for communities, across the country and regions. Communication campaigns should amplify their pain points, their needs to position your brand as an empathetic.

6 ways to boost CX capabilities

1. Employee training - to build CX capabilities internally it is important to train staff.

2. Build Empathy - Fundamentally, organisations need to be empathetic. Thus, to empathize with internal customers it’s important to understand their perspectives and the needs of different departments. This doesn’t mean that there are no disagreements. Empathy is to show that you care, about a particular issue, a department, an employee – because the CX team cannot be an expert across departments and understand their problems.

One department might say “I know very well how to run the show here”, thus it’s important to position CX as an enabler, as a booster. It’s purely representing the voice of the customer inside your company.

Codin Caragea, Head of Customer Experience, Bank Muscat

3. Expose different functions to different perspectives outside their own function, their own silo. Showing them an inquiry, a complaint, the outcome of a focus group, connects them directly to real customers.

Organisations launch initiatives to ensure this is part of their CX initiatives. This includes sharing the perspective between the back office and front office, by bringing people from the back office to see what their colleagues facing the customer are experiencing. What type of discussions and questions they receive from customers and so on and so forth. Listening to different records in the contact centre, and understanding what is happening and how we can help agents in the contact centre to respond quickly to any inquires.

It is also the case with digital transformation, as an RPA rollout. It always starts from a central unit and due to the inherent nature of the technology, departments start understanding how to localize the automation to undertake repetitive tasks they do.

4. Digitisation - a key enabler for customer experience. Most digital technologies are relevant to customer experiences like machine learning, or AI, VAs and bots. Innovation provides a massive opportunity to the competitiveness and to the survival of the business and we need to work on them in order to enhance the decision-making process. Especially as we are talking about the future customers, the Gen Z, the first digital native who grew up along with social media, smartphones, who have different behaviours than the generations before them.

Organisations need to develop marketing techniques as a new adaption of the market, new types of content that extends realties but leveraging these technologies in a correct way at the correct time where it’s expected to fix pain points, minimize, for example, install time, etc.

Lama Shanti, Head of Digitization and Customer Experience, Palestine Telecommunications Company - Paltel

5. Connecting AI and the next generation of technologies and consumers together.

Given the diverse nature of customer experience management, it is important to broaden the horizon and develop cross-functional expertise. For example, staff with a marketing background should spend some time learning more about employee experience and the impact of HR on the overall practice of customer experience management. If you are coming from a customer service or operation background, look into different strategies and tactics for branding and so forth. Have visibility of how the customer is being served and receiving excellent experience from a different service provider in a different industry. They will expect the same from you. So, keep an eye on other industries, learn and benchmark with them.

Start by not blaming anybody. Just go knock on each and every door and ask “how can I help you?”. Whether you talk about data, or business intelligence team or the product team, “is the data you have enough for you to make good decisions?” and if the answer is no, it’s okay ask “How can I help you to make better decisions?”.

CX is a booster and an enabler. It’s not a “nice to have” anymore. So, I would say position CX as the glue of the organisation. As simple as that. Be everywhere and talk to everyone and establish bridges.

Codin Caragea, Head of Customer Experience, Bank Muscat

Be simple, be genuine, focus on the experience. Understand your customers and understand your employees. Empathize with them. As that’s where you establish connections and get a deeper understanding of their needs.

Next Components of a CX maturity model. Read on.


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