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Customer Experience Insights: Baggage Nightmares of Middle East Airline Passengers

Clootrack conducted a detailed study analyzing 8,154 passenger reviews from January 2022 to January 2023. The study focused on Middle Eastern Airlines, including Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish airlines, and analyzed the main concerns faced by passengers.

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Airlines and airports in the Middle East should address these concerns to improve the overall travel experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

This finding indicates that passengers traveling with Middle Eastern Airlines often encounter difficulties or dissatisfaction in relation to their baggage. The study suggests that airlines and airports in the region should address these concerns to improve the overall travel experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

Deep Dive:  Baggage Concerns of Middle East Airline Passenger

The study revealed that people carefully pack their essential items, such as gifts for loved ones, shopping items, necessary medications, as well as valuable and fragile items. However, the anxiety surrounding the condition of their baggage during air travel is a prevalent issue.

A customer says, “It is a sad day when your luggage is stolen. In our party 6 bags were checked. one bag did not show up at the final destination and this was the bag that contained a majority of the recently purchased clothing and other items from vacation. that can t be a coincidence.”

The below data from Clootrack customer experience tracker shows high negativity around handling, loss and allowance for baggage.

1. Baggage Loss

Passengers of Middle East airlines have reported the unforgettable inconvenience caused to them by baggage loss, financial implications, and lack of customer service or irresponsible customer service.

Check a customer verbatim: "short of form-filling and adding notes to a computer system, the dedicated lost luggage team at the airline were unable or unwilling to do everything they could have done to locate our property and reunite us with it, nor were they willing to pass on information to allow passengers to take matters into their own hands."

Check the customer pain points as summarized by Askclootrack round baggage loss:

  • Inconvenience Caused: Customers' inconvenience of not having their belongings during their vacation or business trip, buying new clothes and toiletries, and the time and effort spent dealing with the airline over the lost luggage.

  • Financial Implications: Replacing lost items is a significant concern for customers. This includes replacing clothing and personal items, purchasing necessary medication, and any additional expenses incurred due to the delay or loss of baggage.

  • Loss of Valuable Items: The loss of valuable or irreplaceable items is a primary concern for customers. This includes significant work documents, personal items, and expensive belongings. Customers also express dissatisfaction with the compensation offered by the airline for these lost items.

2. Baggage Handling 

This study conducted on baggage handling and security protocols in Middle East airlines sheds light on the challenges faced by passengers when it comes to traveling with their belongings.

One of the major issues identified in the study is the handling of fragile and expensive items. Delicate items packed by passengers, such as electronics, glassware, or artwork, are susceptible to damage due to mishandling or rough treatment during the baggage handling process. This poses a significant challenge for both passengers and airline staff.

A customer says, "After a day or so they finally gave us our luggage. the suitcases were damaged and my limited edition jordans i got for a christmas present was stolen. all our locks were also stolen.”

Analysis of customer feedback and experiences reveals several pain points associated with baggage handling. 

  • Lost or Delayed Baggage: Luggage getting lost or delayed is one of the most common customer complaints around baggage handling. This leads to significant customer inconvenience as the luggage contains their essential and important items.

  • Mishandling of Baggage: Mishandling can lead to damage or theft of items from checked bags. This includes poor handling, leading to broken locks, tampering, or even the incorrect placement of luggage at pick-up lines.

  • Inadequate Customer Service: Many customers report unhelpful or rude customer service when dealing with baggage issues. This includes difficulties in reporting and resolving issues and a lack of assistance from airline staff.

3. Baggage Allowance

The customer concerns around baggage allowance are the weight restrictions of the baggage, charging additional fares, mishandling or delivering broken or damaged baggage, and irresponsible or unhelpful customer service staff.

Let's check a customer verbatim: “My 87 year old dad on wheel chair and me and my friend flying. our carry on and luggage were perfect for the weight limit. our hand bag she said was 3 kg more where us our luggage was 3 kg”

  • Weight Restrictions: Customers express frustration over strict weight restrictions for checked and carry-on luggage. They find the lack of flexibility for additional checked luggage and the enforcement of hand luggage sizes and number of bags allowed inconvenient.

  • Additional Charges: High charges for exceeding the weight limit or other checked-in bags are a significant concern. Customers also report being charged for baggage despite having a ticket that includes free checked baggage.

  • Customer Service: Poor customer service in resolving baggage allowance issues is a significant concern. Customers report unhelpful and disrespectful staff, lack of prompt communication about damages or lost luggage, and inadequate responses or lack of compensation from the airlines.

Give a Smooth Air Travel Experience to Passengers

By analyzing passenger reviews and feedback, airlines can gain valuable insights that can help them improve their baggage handling processes and enhance overall customer satisfaction. 

It is imperative for airlines to invest in advanced technology and robust systems to ensure the safe and secure transportation of passengers' belongings. Implementing stringent quality control measures, providing clear and timely communication, and offering effective assistance in case of mishandled or lost baggage are vital steps that airlines can take to address these concerns. 

By addressing these pain points, airlines have an opportunity to not only improve customer experience but also strengthen their reputation as reliable and customer-centric service providers.

Source: Clootrack


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