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Conversational AI use case: helping the IT Help Desk

Since the pandemic, IT help desks have been overwhelmed with requests for assistance. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are ideal for helping them resolve employee issues quickly, boost productivity, and improve satisfaction while handling higher volumes.

Remote workers overwhelm the it help desk

IT help desks were bombarded with issues as remote working led to the rapid introduction of new technologies for many employees.

  • Monthly ticket volumes: 35% increase compared to pre-pandemic

  • Average handle time for a help desk ticket: 9.54 minutes compared to 7.37 pre-pandemic

  • Mean time to resolution: 9.72 hours compared to 6.18 hours pre-pandemic

  • Backlog of unresolved tickets: 12.1 days compared to 7.2 days pre-pandemic

Employee satisfaction goes down as volume goes up

The importance of the it help desk continues to grow

With hybrid work models, return-to-work and desk reservation applications, hot desk enablement, and other evolving technologies, IT help desks will continue to play an essential role in helping employees move seamlessly between the workplace, home, and places in between.

  • 66% of employers are looking to redesign the workplace for hybrid work.

  • 44% of the workforce is expected to work remotely.

How conversational AI optimizes it help desks

Conversational AI is a set of advanced AI technologies that recognizes and comprehends human language and uses this understanding to optimize and analyze conversations in and across multiple channels.

With a platform of conversational AI capabilities, IT help desks can automate and optimize the entire IT help desk experience, from self-service to staff-assisted service to post-interaction analytics.

Automated self-service: Personalized self-service via an intelligent virtual assistant (IVA), across voice and web, offloads interactions while accelerating resolution.

In-call guidance: Conversational AI understands employees’ real intent to help the IT help desk resolve issues faster.

Automated service tickets: An AI platform can automatically create, update, and complete a service ticket, freeing up time for IT help desk staff and improving accuracy.

Automated workflow: A platform with automated commitment/ follow-up management automatically identifies and performs tasks related to completing service tickets as well as other requirements.

Deep insight from post-interaction analytics: Conversational AI and interaction analytics can automatically monitor and score quality and provide feedback to staff and supervisors.

Adopting a conversational ai platform drives a positive, productive experience

Conversational AI optimizes every IT help desk conversation to:

  • Accelerate resolution

  • Improve effectiveness

  • Enhance IT help desk performance

  • Sustain business productivity during business model changes

  • Increase employee and IT help desk staff satisfaction

Content credit: Uniphore

Uniphore is the global leader in Conversational Automation, which combines the power of artificial intelligence, automation technology and machine learning. Uniphore is disrupting an outdated customer service model by bridging the gap between humans and machines by focusing on conversations. We make it possible for every conversation, on every call, to be truly heard.

Uniphore delivers innovative solutions across a flexible platform to enable organizations to provide a better customer experience. This includes intelligent conversational self-service, real-time conversational analytics, versatile agent co-piloting, intent detection, agent coaching, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and automated after-call work. With Conversational Automation, enterprises can now engage their customers to effectively build loyalty, improve customer experience and realize operational efficiencies.


“Helpdesk Meltdown Due to Absenteeism, Low Morale and Increased Workload,” Cliff Saran, ComputerWeekly


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