How IoT and IoMT are enabling superior patient care

  • The ongoing pandemic has given a brutal reminder of how unprepared the world is against infectious diseases.

  • Implementation of IoMT applications has shown significant improvements in the outcomes of treatment. The medical fraternity will definitely be relying on advances and innovations in IoMT applications to improve the management of future pandemics and further enhancing the value of care.

Technological solutions have played a vital role during the Covid 19 pandemic. IOT is one of the emerging technologies that can be used to avoid the spread of COVID 19 along with providing information and real-time monitoring. IoT enables interconnected, digital and mechanical devices, possessing the capability of data transmission, to communicate over the defined networks with no human intervention and provide insights. It also helps amplify patient experience.  IoT creates a neural network of sensors that provide real time access to data. IoT has proven extremely important during COVID for contact tracing, device integration to seamlessly transfer data for analytics and real-time patient. Further, it has facilitated access to real time data across departments, agencies, and public health agencies allowing them to analyze datasets and provide accurate assessment of the situation. IoT enabled wearable technologies have enabled identification of COVID-19 cases thereby eliminating the spread, and reducing the impact of the pandemic. Given the increased demand for self-health or homecare, IoT was able to cater to increased demand and accelerated the push towards a modern healthcare and patient care system.