Mastering business spend – how businesses see virtual cards as an essential tool

In this article, Kirsty Morris, Managing Director of Specialist Sales at Barclaycard Payments, explains what virtual cards are and how they can be used for employee out-of-pocket spending. Bringing greater control to businesses, and making spending on the go easy for employees, are virtual cards the way of the future?

It’s never been easier, quicker or more convenient for employees to spend on the go, thanks to the rise in adoption of virtual cards transforming the face of business expenses. Virtual cards offer a solution for businesses looking to streamline their expenses process and gain a holistic view of their business spending.

For many businesses, the idea of a virtual card may still be unexplored territory – but research predicts that digital card transactions will increase by 370% globally in five years[1] due to their simplicity – especially for the business-to-business market.

What are virtual cards?

A virtual card is a temporary card number, generated at the request of registered employees via their mobile phone, whe