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Case study: Aspire helped Concentra in implementing end-to-end automation

Aspire Systems is a global technology services firm serving as a trusted technology partner for our customers.

About the customer

Our client is Concentra Bank, a Canada based organization with headquarters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Specializing in lending and investment solutions, Concentra offers a wide range of financial solutions including specialized banking, consumer finance, treasury, wealth/trust services and more.

The need

Our client had over 300 accounts open per month, with each account opening process taking 25 to 30 minutes to complete. The whole process of account opening was handled manually, requiring lot of effort. Concentra wanted to bring down the effort and make the process more efficient.


  • RESP account onboarding process was done manually

  • Need to handle more than 300 account opening requests monthly

  • Each account opening consumed 25 – 30 minutes


After careful analysis of the customer’s requirement, Aspire’s team of automation experts deployed

  • Automation Anywhere as the RPA tool to implement the solution

  • A Bot that can scan the required RESP account documents and capture the required fields. The information is then fed to the Prism Portfolio system. In case of any error in the documents, the bot will send a consolidated email about the documents having error, which cannot be processed to open an account. The necessary error logs will be captured


  • $500K cost savings per year

  • 6 FTE saved

  • Implemented bot using Automation Anywhere

  • Bot can scan and fill in all the details from the documents

  • Error found is immediately reported

  • Necessary error logs captured


Aspire Systems is a global technology services firm serving as a trusted technology partner for our customers. We work with some of the world’s most innovative enterprises and independent software vendors, helping them leverage technology and outsourcing in our specific areas of expertise. Our core philosophy of 'Attention. Always.' communicates our belief in lavishing care and attention on our customer and employees.

Source: Aspire Systems

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