5 top innovations disrupting the cybersecurity space

Blockchain’s unhackable model makes it great for an enterprise’s security. Its use in protecting data is highly remarkable and we can definitely see companies being more open to blockchain.

Organizations to stay well ahead of the hackers to safeguard their best interest

Today large resourceful organizations are finding it extremely challenging to keep their systems and servers safe from cyber attacks. This is despite the best efforts of cybersecurity specialists. A clear indication that new technology is needed to combat this invisible enemy. Attackers have continuously been devising new strategies and it is highly important for organizations to stay well ahead of them to safeguard their best interest. Below are some of the latest innovations in the cybersecurity space: 1. Access Monitoring Behavioural Analytics This technology is based on the fact that unusual behavior spells wrongdoings. Activities such as unusual file movements are deemed as abnormal behavior. The technology also monitors aspects such as bioprinting- the rate at which an employee can type along with mouse movemen