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Fidelity International increases revenue by focusing on the Voice of the Client powered by Medallia

“Our VoC programme is central to Fidelity’s culture of customer obsession. It allows us to really understand client journeys and use that insight and analysis to connect directly with customers to better meet their needs and focus our continuous improvement efforts”. ~ Stella Creasey Global Voice of Client Director Fidelity International

Fidelity International is a top global investment management company with over 2 million clients in 28 countries and offers world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise. Driven by the needs of clients, Fidelity recognised the value of improving the client experience through a new Voice of the Client programme. Powered by Medallia, this programme would embed a customer centric culture from executives to the front line, deliver service excellence and clearly demonstrate the impact of client experience on strategic outcomes.

Using surveys and touchpoint monitors, Fidelity worked with Medallia to launch a globally consistent approach to measuring customer experience. To further enrich insights, the analytics team overlays behavioural metadata onto NPS feedback to help diagnose where journey improvements should be targeted. The programme enables every colleague to access, understand and act on client feedback in order to make improvements to products and services where they matter most in the customer journey. With client obsession now a core component of the organization, Fidelity has seen tangible positive commercial outcomes, ultimately improving retention rates of client assets and driving up net new sales. In breaking down corporate silos, aligning around the customer and focusing on the end-to-end experience, Fidelity now positions customers at the core of all strategies and activities.

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