Trends re-imagining the future of work

  • What’s the future of work and workplaces?

  • How is employee experience changing post-pandemic?

In this dynamic, fast-paced world predicting the future is hard even during normal circumstances, during a pandemic it becomes tough and complex. The only thing certain is uncertainty. Whilst it’s been a decade since remote working tools have been around, widespread use only began once lockdowns were imposed and employees were asked to work remotely.

Employers can use this crisis to turn into an opportunity to create a more empathetic, inclusive, and supportive workplace for all
In 2012, just 39% of US employees worked off-site at least some of the time. By 2016, that figure had risen to 43%. As of mid-April, however, 62% of US employees are working from home because of fears about the coronavirus.

The coronavirus will continue to have a lasting impact on how work is carried out in the future. It is imperative that HR leaders respond effectively in order to ensure business continuity and stand out from their competitors.