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British Council from High Social Media Response Times to High Sales Growth in 11 months by RAYA CX

RAYA CX is putting a spotlight on its successful CX journey with the British Council in the MENA region through our case study. RCX has been helping the British Council grow and empower more youth through excellent CX!

Our case study can help you learn how to turn high response times into high sales profits in 11 months. The British Council is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

Find out how the RAYA CX team managed to overcome the challenges faced including high social media and email response times and low CSS to go on and tackle a new line of business and reach high sales growth. The British Council has been a partner for more than 6 years and serving their customers in the MENA region with young students and graduates in UAE, Oman, and Qatar wanting to self-develop and learn has been fulfilling.

Providing superb customer support through multiple channels phone, email, and social media has been our number one priority to help youth feel empowered. This has helped us expand our offering for the British Council to the rest of the MENA markets.

This is what Eslam Elgendy, Contact Centre Vendor Operations Manager MENA, British Council had to say about our 6-year partnership, “We at the British Council believe in the importance of quality service and RAYA CX has been an excellent partner in this endeavour. They have not only afforded us very high levels of professionalism, flexibility, and creativity but also provided outstanding customer support.”

Read our case study to see how we were able to satisfy the client and be a vital part of the British Council’s success story of empowering young people through art, culture, and the English language.


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