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Interactive Voice Response strategy can reap huge business rewards ~ ServiceFirst

With a proper Interactive Voice Response (IVR) strategy contact centers and businesses will benefit alike. Here are but a few of the advantages of how a properly set up IVR system can be of great benefit.

Cost Savings

Often taken for granted, IVR accounts for tremendous savings in customer service costs. Some industry reports indicate that it can save as much as 30% in customer service costs. This is a rough estimate as the savings will vary depending on the specific industry business it is used for. Nevertheless, it does increase efficiency and effectiveness in customer support operations.

These are just some of the ways IVR helps companies save money:

  • Reduction of staffing costs: By handling a larger volume of customer inquiries without the need for human intervention, IVR significantly reduces the need for big teams.

  • Enhanced efficiency: Multiple customer inquiries can be handled simultaneously with IVR. This reduces wait times thereby increasing the efficiency of customer support operations.

  • Lower call abandonment rates: The self-serve options provided by IVR reduce the number of calls that are dropped due to long wait times. This can help retain customers while lowering the cost of acquiring new ones.

  • Call routing is improved: Intelligently routed calls to the most appropriate agent reduce the need for multiple transfers. This leads to better efficiency.

Sales Uplift

Yet, beyond the cost savings and the enhanced customer experience, a proper IVR strategy can contribute to an uplift in sales. Here are some points where IVR can help:

  • Improved customer service: A more efficient and personalized customer service experience leads to increased satisfaction and customer loyalty.

  • Increased sales conversions: Personalized offers and promos based on customer preferences and purchase history can target customers in a timely manner. This will correlate to an uptick in revenue.

  • Enhanced collection of customer data: Valuable customer data such as purchase history and preference are easily collected. This allows the system to personalize future interactions and provide targeted offers. These are more likely to translate into sales.

According to the Twilio playbook on modern IVR, “positive communication experiences can lead 67% of customers to give more business to a company”.

At ServiceFirst, we understand the value of having an ideal IVR strategy for clients. We employ tactics like Intelligent Live Agent routing and more. This is part of our desire to provide clients with high-quality outsourcing that is innovative and cost-effective. We handle the back end so clients can focus on growing their core business.

Contact ServiceFirst at for a representative to provide an IVR proposal fit for your company’s needs.

Source: ServiceFirst


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