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Voice of Customer enables organisations to customize products and services to the needs of the customer. It helps build retention and loyalty and therefore is a very important component in the CX journey.

Live with Michael Brandt, Customer Experience (CX) Strategist and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)

August 2021 I Virtual

In today’s interview we examine how VoC can be leveraged meaningfully and how to design a toolkit that facilitates a robust voice of customer program


This session will explore:


  • How can CX leaders prioritise VoC and integrate it at various touchpoints?

  • What are some of the challenges your see CX leaders encounter when putting together a VoC program?

  • How do you ensure you are not ‘over listening’ in a VoC program

  • What are the ways VoC can be entrenched organisation-wide?

  • How do you predict and address churn via NPS and/or Text Sentiment Analysis

  • Drawing insights is vital in ensuring VoC delivers value. What are some of the ways organisations can build capability in this?

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