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As the pandemic drags on the long-term impact on the leisure and entertainment sector is undetermined.


Fans are waiting for normalcy to return so they can flock back to venues, but the reality is that as we speak Japan is reviewing its state of emergency as Olympics draw near and the wave three of COVID is disrupting many countries.


In this interview we evaluate the shift in commercial strategy for venues as well as visitor experience. How can digitization help in keeping the human connect? From what started as a way to dissipate short term COVID 19 impacts, is this now a long-term strategy for most destinations?


Live with Flora Castillon, Visitor Experience and Event Management Director, Louvre Abu Dhabi

7 May 2021 I Virtual

This session will explore:

  • COVID-19 has affected visitor numbers at entertainment and cultural venues including the Louvre Abu Dhabi. What’s the journey for you and the VX team from closing to reopening for visitors recently?

  • Since re-opening, besides COVID-19 safety measures put in place, how has the visitor experience at Louvre Abu Dhabi changed?

  • Visitors are looking for interactive experiences and to be engaged before, during, and after their visits. How are you engaging the visitors to stay longer during their visit and also ensure that they leave fully satisfied?

  • To deliver the best possible experience to your visitors, we all need to stay on top of the latest technology, but also empathy toward your visitors and employees. How have you balanced employee and visitor experience ensuring that your employees are as happy and satisfied as the visitors?

  • Looking at your VX journey, especially strategy and technology adoption. According to you, what implementations will be game-changers for entertainment and cultural venues in present times and the near future?

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