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Brands are leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver an exemplary customer experience (CX) at every customer touchpoint to be ahead of the competition.

With plenty of analytical data at hand, businesses are able to have a mature vision and proactively design services that satisfy the customers' needs and wants before they even know their desires. Thus, orchestrating a personalized experience that resonates with customers is increasingly important. Marketing automation is a key tool being leveraged by organisations to increase engagement.

Live with Aswin Ravi, Director, MEA, WebEngage.



October 2021 I Virtual

In today’s interview we examine:


1.   How critical is Marketing Automation to achieve retention goals?

2.   Can you throw some light on WebEngage’s roadmap in the Marketing Automation universe?

3.   Can you share a client's example stating the impact of WebEngage in their overall growth?

4.   What do you think will be the biggest trends in marketing in 2022?

5.   What advice would you have for markers starting off with automation?


How critical is Marketing Automation to achieve retention goals?

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