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How to Use AI to Create an Out-of-This-World Customer Connection

Contact center leaders looking to improve the customer experience need to consider how to bring AI into their operations if they aren't already doing so.

One of the many benefits of AI is the opportunity to connect with more customers than your live agents have capacity for while still providing quality service.

When your customers have questions about your products or services, they expect to find answers quickly. In fact, according to Microsoft's Global State of Customer Service, 86% of customers expect to be able to help themselves with a self-service option. And two-thirds will try self-service before contacting a live agent. Your company’s blog, FAQ, and forums are all places they might look for information. But if your customers can't find the answer, they'll often turn to the last remaining resource: your customer support team.

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SaaS management: why it’s important and how you can implement it

The continued adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications has led to unforeseen issues.

According to the latest estimates, the number of duplicate subscriptions at a given organization has ballooned by 80%—leading to unnecessary expenses; while the number of apps that aren’t managed by an employee (perhaps because the original owner left the company) has risen nearly 100%—leading to security risks that can put the organization’s reputation on the line.

So how can your organization adopt SaaS applications at scale and do so in a way that’s secure, cost-effective, and convenient for all? By performing SaaS management.

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Workforce Wellbeing Recovery Toolkit

Practical strategies & resources to turn workforce wellbeing into your competitive advantage.

Whatever you call it — the new normal, the next normal, the evolved world of work — we are in it now. It’s now evident that many of the key changes that have defined the last two years will have lasting impact. Customer loyalty is up for grabs — not just because the pandemic changed buying habits, but because it opened consumers’ eyes to a new standard of seamless, personalized customer experience. But as companies strive to meet and exceed these higher CX (customer experience) demands, they’re hamstrung by a tight and tough labor market that experts predict won’t fully resolve for years. Talk to business leaders in just about any sector and they’ll tell you their growth will be determined — or limited — by their ability to attract, retain and foster a talented, engaged workforce.

As organizations prioritise automation for processes across functions, CIOs must explore strategies to unlock momentous new capabilities, reduce costs, & increase efficiencies.

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We deep dive with Ashraf El Zarka, Regional VP for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, UiPath​

  • How do you embrace this rapidly changing digital world and make the best automation choices?

  • How is intelligent automation in the cloud delivering value to organisations?

  • A successful automation strategy begins with accurate problem identification in a business process and subsequently selecting the right use case for automation. When it comes to IT, how should CIOs approach this?

  • What is the difference between intelligent automation and RPA for business processes and intelligent IT automation?

  • How can CIOs best utilize automation to accelerate digital transformation across the enterprise?

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Customer Experience in 2022 is even more about self-service, automation, conversational AI and personalized experiences than ever before.

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We deep dive with Mais Imran, MEA and Central Europe Manager - Business Development/Inside Sales, Sprinklr

  • What are the main challenges you are seeing in the CX industry this year so far?

  • How have you seen customer experiences and customer service digitize and transform recently?

  • What is Unified-CXM and how does this address real-world challenges?

  • Your platform is well known and trusted by some great brands, can you elaborate a bit on the solutions you offer and how is this benefiting these big brands?

  • Last but not least, how does Sprinklr distinguish itself from other players in the market?

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CX Live Intelligence Report 2022 - capturing the pulse of the Middle East CX market

As businesses re-design their CX strategies and embrace the multitude of changes, to focus on customer-centricity, the new approach for reframing customer delivery should pivot to digital to gain a competitive advantage. 


  • 69% of companies are reevaluating Customer Journey Mapping platforms in 2022

  • 48% of companies cite an increased drive towards AI and Intelligent Automation to enhance customer experience

  • 42% of companies are re-evaluating Voice of Customer platforms

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Hyper-personalisation and hyper-automation are enabling the customer data to be applied to the design process.

This opens a whole new world of opportunities where customer data and customer's voice are not saved for future product development. Instead, product update or re-invention is ongoing and agile.

This is a completely new frontier and re-orchestrates the traditional R&D and manufacturing model. By leveraging digital twins organisations can deliver richer and more personalised experiences to their customers, that were previously reserved for luxury brands.

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Customer Experience Live Leaders ConnectsA Powerhouse of All Things CX

An ROI driven opportunity that will enable you to walk out with clear direction
on making the right investments and closing business.

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$ 1 million+

What CX Live members and decision-makers plan to spend on leveraging new technologies to amplify customer experience.


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CX Leaders benchmark with peers, review feedback and analyse trends before making buying decisions.

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CX Live Show; Customer Experience Live; cx live; customer experience conference; customer experience awards


Companies cite increased budgets for digital transformation eg AI, chatbots, analytics, or cloud. CX Live Leaders Connects facilitate closed-door peer discussions, making technology evaluation easier.

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