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Effective delivery of personalised services and limited customer insights are top concerns facing business leaders.



Business leaders say effective delivery of personalised experiences to their customers is their biggest CX strategy challenge. A quarter cite limited customer insights as a top challenge.

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Executive Roundtable May

How to develop a strong CX culture in your organisation?

17 May 2021 I Virtual

Culture is the magic sauce to a truly successful CX strategy but often given less importance as digital transformation takes precedence. 

This session will provide a step by step guide on how you can develop a strong foundation for your CX strategy by focussing on culture.

Companies that attended include:

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Executive Roundtable June

Emerging technology and DX are revolutionizing customer experience. How do your sync your DX and CX strategies for the best outcomes?

21 June 2021 I Virtual


The pandemic has again thrown the spotlight on AI and APIs to improve customer experience. With multi-cloud, enterprises are able to enhance operational efficiency and deliver great CX. But they must be implemented in tandem.

This session will provide a step by step guide on how you can sync your DX and CX strategies to ensure your impact is maximised?

Companies that attended include:

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Executive Roundtable July

The future-facing CX functions need to adapt and incorporate AI, Cloud, and Bots – just how far can you go with them?

26 July 2021 I Virtual

The scriptures say a whole suite of benefits await CX executives who invest in AI, Cloud, and Chatbots. Just how far can these interventions take your business?

In this session:

  • The amplification AI brings to the CX function – new trends, benefits

  • The amplification Chatbots bring to the CX function – data capture, resolving issues

  • Soft skills, Tech skills – what new skillsets does the CX function need to be the gamechanger

  • VoC in the CX journey map

Companies that attended include:

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Executive Roundtable August

How do you design a fit-for-purpose data strategy?

24 August 2021 I Virtual

The risk of failure and significant investments cause a lot of companies to hesitate when embarking on their digital transformation journey. The rate of failure in digital transformation projects is extremely high, primarily due to inappropriate digital infrastructure and a flawed data integration approach. Therefore, how do you design a robust data strategy?

This session will provide a step by step guide on 5 steps you can take to strengthen your data strategy.

Companies that attended include:

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Executive Roundtable September

How CX leaders should deal with the unprecedented through a company-wide CX approach.

20 September 2021 I Virtual


How do you make CX the fabric or your organisation’s DNA? A digitally mature customer is looking at CX through every touch point, as such ensuring every connection and interaction must be value based.

This session will provide a step by step guide on how a uniformed CX strategy is a gamechanger for any organization fostering cohesive messaging and stronger strategy implementation.

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Executive Roundtable October

Creating a positive, proactive culture in a remote workplace

19 October 2021 I Virtual

The pandemic has migrated a lot of organisations towards remote working. The pressure to adapt and change is overwhelming, so how do CX leaders ensure a people first approach when driving digital transformation projects?

In this session:

  • Engagement and open communication – bringing all on board

  • Communicating value upwards

  • Tackling “transformation” and “remote working” fatigue” – role of gamification

  • Ensuring positive outcomes

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