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A lack of holistic understanding of customers tends to derail the personalised CX journey that is the "new normal".



of business leaders have difficulty using multiple channels to deliver consistent CX.



of businesses have no clear omnichannel strategy.

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CX Live Dialogues 

Evaluation at Desk

Live with David Raab, Founder and CEO, Customer Data Platform Institute DAVID RAA

There is a quintessential thirst for data as business leaders want to get a complete picture of customer preferences and behaviours to formulate their growth strategy. It’s no surprise that customer intelligence is forming the backbone of all customer engagements and CX interventions at this point.

In today's interview we discuss:

The data explosion is overwhelming a lot of CX and Marketing leaders, what strategies can be adopted to break down data silos?

  • There is a clear need for brands to optimize the customer experience across all customer touchpoints. How can business leaders leverage customer data platforms to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency and grow revenue?

  • In regards to data privacy and GDPR regulations, what protection should business leaders expect when investing in a customer data platform?

  • With data being collected from billions of touchpoints, data quality and unstructured data is a challenge for most businesses. How can businesses address the challenge of low-quality customer data?

  • How does the CDP institute assist businesses?

Evaluation at Desk

Live with Armand Angeli, President of the RPA/Intelligent Automation/Shared Services/BPO at DFGC Global

Intelligent Automation is a critical business strategy, not simply a technology implementation. So how do you ensure your RPA, and IA strategy will deliver maximum benefit by unlocking the potential for hyper-personalized experiences, agile decision making and process efficiencies to deliver accelerated growth.


In today’s interview we discuss:

  • How do you embrace this rapidly changing digital world and make the best automation choices?

  • How is cloud RPA delivering value to organisations?

  • A successful automation strategy begins with accurate problem identification in a business process and subsequently selecting the right use case for automation, how can CFOs ace this?

  • How is the future of Finance being shaped by automation?

  • What automation trends are driving digital transformation in Finance?

Doctor and Patient

CX Live Hall of Fame Dialogue with

Dr. Shanila Laiju, Group CEO, Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centre


Dr. Shanila explains how personalisation and crafting the emotional connect helps improve patient experience and elevate brand penetration and business growth.


The pandemic has been a great turning point for CX in the Middle East. Vast amounts of data suddenly transcended into organisations. A lot of it is unstructured and hard to gauge insights. Hear Dr. Shanila examine how data structuring will mature in the region.

Young Doctor

CX Live Hall of Fame Dialogue with

Talal Said Al Mamari, CEO,

The passion for improving CX has to be embedded in the culture, Omantel has leveraged this to deliver personalisation at scale.


The new technology-driven CX model requires significant investment and internal alignment. Organisations where the CX leaders and top management are inspirational, break the barriers to delivering great CX. Hear how Talal led the charge to make the CX function part of the boardroom discussion.

Friendly Conversation

CX Live Hall of Fame Dialogue with

Ian John Toal, CEO of Alfa Co, wholly-owned by Al Faisaliah Group

With an amplified focus on CX post-pandemic, how have you prioritized CX opportunities in the Alfa Company? 


The passion for improving CX has to be embedded in the culture, of an organisation. Ian John Toal, CEO of Alfa Co, a wholly-owned by Al Faisaliah Group deep dives into how he led Alfa Co through a digital transformation journey to deliver amazing guest experience and achieve growth.

Business Meeting

Live with Yash Reddy, Chief Business Officer at MoEngage Inc.


Hear how MoEngage’s Insights-led Engagement approach aims to change the campaign-centric marketing mindset to a customer-centric one. And, how do you go beyond the campaign management model?


This session explores:

  • After the fresh round of capital, coming in the form of your recent series C1 funding of $32.5 million, what is the way forward for MoEngage? What areas do you aim to invest in?

  • MoEngage has recently been named as a strong performer in The Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), for Q3 2021. Curious to know, what goes into achieving these recognitions?

  • How important is customer-centricity and advocacy to achieving these recognitions and how do you plan on consistently hitting these benchmarks and going beyond them?

Conversation Between Colleagues

Live with Raghu Ravinutala, Co-Founder and CEO of Yellow.AI

With new channels popping up, businesses can have a super hard time providing unified experiences to their customers. How can AI and automation help mitigate these challenges?


This session explores:


  • Building an omnichannel CX strategy is a complex process. What according to you are the key things businesses need to keep in mind to build an intelligent omnichannel CX strategy? 

  • With new channels popping up, businesses can have a super hard time providing unified experiences to their customers. Do you think AI and automation can help mitigate these challenges?

  • What are the key steps involved in the creation of an ideal unified customer experience journey across channels? What tools and processes should one incorporate as part of these steps?