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Executive Development Program   

How to manage complaints effectively without damaging your brand or inviting legal action.


Why a structured compaints management program is critical for all organisations?


Most companies, if not all, that sell products or provide a service will also have to deal with complaints. It’s important to assess how handling complaints badly could seriously damage the reputation of a company or brand, or perhaps even lead to legal action. 

The training program will study how a rapport can be established with customers and how to ensure that we can defuse situations that are escalating. It will look at governance principles to ensure that complaint management processes are transparent and monitored and that appropriate KPI’s are in place to measure performance.

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Importance of a well-thought-out and smooth-running complaint management process

A well-thought-out and smooth-running complaint management process belongs in all organisations, and not just those that are commercially oriented. Healthcare providers and government authorities are good examples of organisations that may not be commercially oriented but still require robust complaint management skills.

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Ensuring methodical and systematic handling of complaints

Only an active strategic complaint management enables the organisation to ensure the methodical and systematic handling of complaints. Ideally, not just complaints, but all kinds of customer feedback should be analysed, processed and documented. Complaints should not be viewed negatively but as an opportunity to improve the company's processes, services or products.

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Enables  the company to react in good time.

Customer complaints should be considered as valuable feedback that gives a company the opportunity for continuous development. If a company knows its customers and their needs, it can use this knowledge in a targeted manner in the market. In addition, a centrally managed complaint management tool can allow the detection of systemic issues in a particular area or product and enable the company to react in good time.

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Key Learning Objectives

Lunch Meeting

Who is it for?

Executives responsible for:

  • Customer Service

  • Customer Happiness

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Support

  • Design Thinking

  • UX/ DX

  • Contact Centers

  • Strategy and Insights

  • Customer Care

  • Operational Excellence

  • Performance Improvement


Day Two

  • Issue analysis and continuous improvement

  • Problem resolution toolbox

  • Complaint escalation

  • Roles & Responsibilities / Frontline and backstage

  • Defusing situations and establishing a rapport

  • 5 “A’s”

  • Governance

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Day One

  • Introduction

  • What is a complaint?

  • Complaints and Customer Feedback

  • Complaint Management and the Complaint Management Process

  • Complaint channel types

  • Internal, unseen hurdles to registering complaints

  • Service recovery

  • Closing the loop

Highly interactive format

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Practical Exercises
Architecture Model Sketching
Developing Project Plan
Flow Chart
Developing Communication Plan
Meeting Handshake

Sectors of focus

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